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"Hey Paul. I enjoy your videos. That bathroom has come a long way! Looks amazing! I've been a DIYer my whole life. Why pay somebody if your not afraid of little work. Your videos have help me get things done easier. Knowledge is power! Thanks Paul"  D.H.

"Hey Paul keep up the inspiration. Ive been watching your videos and learning a lot from you. Ive recently done a repair using your "butterfly drywall patch" the client loved the seamless repair."  Q.D.

"Hi Paul, I did receive the saw and I am very pleased with it. I plan on making a small tool stand soon and I will definitely use the saw's unique zero clearance cutting feature to precisely cut the plywood for the top. I really enjoy learning from your videos! Thank you very much, Gavin"

Worx Exactrack Saw.jpg


"I have learned so much watching your videos and I impress the men I work with. I always go to you for any questions I may have. I just finished re-doing someone’s work that the clients were so upset with. I (a woman) came in after watching one of your videos and re-did all he had done. The clients were so happy with the outcome and I owe it to you, Paul. Thank you so very much for teaching us the smart way. Have a great day!!! 🤙🏾👍🏾"  Z.M.

"I really enjoy your videos.  Very informative and really good tricks and tips.  Have helped me so much.  Keep them coming."  K.R.

"Super super great videos, like all your techniques and projects, plus to pro tips you show on every project.Thank you!"


"OMG, that Rockwell stand is the bomb! Being a woman DIYer, I can always use an extra set of hands. That return on the end of the shoe molding was very nice, I'm going to remember that one little tip. Love all your videos; very helpful, practical information in every one." woodstover

"Paul I just want to say thank you every time I watch your channel I learn something new and the tools that you have are very nice and makes the job so much easier."    J. H.

"Your videos and teachings are priceless. I enjoy very much watching your vids. There are things to be learned that your sometimes not even trying to teach lol. Thank you for sharing your time and skill with us all."  W.C.

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